Nachos de la Casa

Corn tortillas crisp to perfection layered with beans and cheese (served with jalapeños). Served with guacamole, sour cream, and your choice of meat.

    Choose your option
    Ground Beef (Half)
    Ground Beef (Full)
    Shredded Chicken (Half)
    Shredded Chicken (Full)
    Beef (Half)
    Beef (Full)
    Chicken Fajita (Half)
    Chicken Fajita (Full)
    Shredded brisket (Half)
    Shredded brisket (Full)
    Bean and Cheese (Served with Jalapeños Half)
    Bean and Cheese (Served with Jalapeños Full)
    Oaxaca Nachos (Half)
    Oaxaca Nachos (Full)